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What are amino acids?

At the most basic level, amino acids are the building blocks of all life on earth. They are CRITICAL to good skin health!


At the most basic level, amino acids are the building blocks of all life on earth. They are found at the heart of all of our cells, including our skin cells. There, they help regulate the rate of renewal, keeping skin healthy, soft, and smooth. In fact, amino acids provide the directions to the body for exactly how to regulate skin renewal. Unfortunately, as we age, the natural levels of amino acids dwindle, reducing the body’s ability to regenerate skin cells efficiently and effectively.

Essential Amino Acids Must Be Supplemented

While many amino acids are produced within the body itself, the essential amino acids cannot be produced in this way. Thus, for proper skin care, we must supplement with essential amino acids. This can largely be done with diet. But in the case of skin, direct application of deep-penetrating products can deliver a nourishing bath of essential amino acids where they are needed the most.

Essential Amino Acids Are Good On Their Own

Amino acids help the regeneration of key skin proteins like collagen and elastin. Some of the essential amino acids are also antioxidants, helping to curb the damage to skin tissues caused by exposure to sunlight and environmental pollutants. Amino acids also help circulatory functions, lending a healthy, rosy complexion to skin. So on their own, amino acids keep skin looking great and functioning healthily

Essential Amino Acids Are Good With Other Products

As important as their own role in skin health is, amino acids also help other skin care ingredients to work more effectively. By allowing skin to function normally, amino acids help your skin get the most out of the beneficial effects of other treatments like vitamin C, vitamin K, retinol, and so on. After all, these other ingredients can’t do their jobs unless the skin knows what to do with them.

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