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Hale Cosmeceuticals Authenticity

We recommend you buy our products from an AUTHORIZED source


Hale Cosmeceuticals Authenticity Statement

We at Hale Cosmeceuticals Inc have been continuing to innovate and improve our product offerings over the last 30 years. By working closely with estheticians, dermatologists, and chemists, we have been able to continue to push the envelope on cutting-edge skin care products and technology.

We are CERTAIN our products are effective and are proud of the QUALITY. These products contain real active ingredients to replenish, energize, and rejuvenate skin of ALL ages and ALL types. Our products have been trusted and endorsed by Skin Care professionals for over 30 years because of their quality and effectiveness.

WE DO NOT SELL OUR PRODUCTS VIA ONLINE RETAILERS. To ensure you are receiving fresh and authentic products from Hale Cosmeceuticals Inc., we advise that you call us directly to order or purchase exclusively from one of our authorized partners (estheticians, dermatologists). Furthermore, we strongly advise against purchasing from unauthorized third-party sources. We do not sell our products on Amazon or Wal-mart e-commerce sites.

BE sure that you are buying Genuine HALE Cosmeceuticals products

We want to make sure you get the RIGHT products and LOVE them


We do NOT sell or endorse any of our products which may be listed online for sale as part of e-commerce websites like Amazon or Walmart. These are unauthorized 3rd-party sellers.

By purchasing from unauthorized retailers you may put yourself at risk of the following:

  • Purchasing imitation, expired, or damaged products
  • Not receiving the products you purchased
  • Receiving old/expired products
  • Receiving products that cannot be returned
  • Paying more for your products due to shipping fees, custom duties, and other taxes
  • Receiving poor advice on the proper use of the product you’ve purchased. We have a variety of products for different skin types and want to ensure you have the right products that suit your needs. Some products (like chemical peels) are intended for professional use only and should be used only by a trained esthetician.
  • Purchasing products that are not suitable for your skin types

If the product has not been purchased directly from us or one of our professional partners, Hale Cosmeceuticals will not take any responsibility for the purchasers’ dissatisfaction. In addition, by purchasing outside of our channels, you are taking the risk of buying “fake” counterfeited products

We at Hale Cosmeceuticals take great pride in our ability to serve our customers for so long and to provide extraordinary service to all of our customers. The only way we can do this for you is if you call us at 1-800-951-7005 purchase from one of our trusted partners!

For questions about these or any of our other active ingredients, please contact us online or call us today at 1-800-951-7005.
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